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Which is best? Coffee grounds or Egg Shells?.......

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Having just moved into our new house in September, I was dismayed to find that my new garden had a high population of slugs and snails. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't kill the little blighters, afterall, they have as much right to enjoy my garden as I do, but.........

how am I going to keep them away from my succulent new annuals, when I start to grow them in the new year?

Well, I have searched the internet, joined various forums on social media and this is what I am going to try next year.

1. I'm saving my egg shells which I will bash with a rolling pin. When I plant my seedlings I will form a circle of egg shells around them. I understand that slugs and snails do not like to slide over sharp objects.

2. Being part of the WithlovefromtheUK team, I have the benefit of using all the lovely gift items in our boxes. The coffee 'The Daily' which we use in our 'The Gentleman' has a heavy dark chocolate body, rich toffee apple and salted caramel notes with a long sweet molasses. It is delicious! I shall save my used coffee grounds and I wonder if these will either attract or repel our uninvited creatures!

To my delight, I also have a small pond but alas, no signs of any frogs or toads. I will be looking out for some spawn in the new year. I understand that these make great predators and will deplete any onslaught of slugs.

As a child, I was fascinated to see song thrushes de-shell a snail by holding it in it's beak and cracking it on a small rock. I will look forward to seeing them in the Spring. In the meantime I will leave any over-ripe fruit and suet cake under the bushes to keep them through the winter.

I've yet to see if any hedgehogs visit my garden, they've declined in numbers over the years but I will make sure I have areas where they can hibernate starting with the pile of leaves I have just raked up and put in the corner of the garden.

If you have any other ideas how I can reduce the destruction made by snails and slugs, let me know in the comments below.

I am looking forward to trying out all ideas and I will let you know how I get on in my monthly Make Garden Cook Subscription blog.

Happy de-slugging!


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