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The month of November.............

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Undoubtedly the gloomiest month of the year. Fog, torrents of rain, leaden skies and storms that shake the last remnants of leaves off the trees. Summer and Autumn have departed and the dark days of winter draw near.

November had two Saxon names, Wint month or Wind month from the constant storms and

Blot month, otherwise known as Blood month from the custom of killing as now was the time that the cattle was killed and salted and put by for the winter sustenance.

The garden aspect is dreary, with most of the flowers gone, followed by leaves which lie in the hollows, dank and desolate.

The song of the birds is hushed and the lively squirrel and dormouse are curled up for their winter sleep and the only sound of life in the air is the screaming of the wild geese as they follow their leader.

The land is covered with scarlett hues of decaying ferns and wild plants which are brilliant in their dying colours. Bare hedges still have a little beauty left in the bright red berries of the holly, guelder rose and mountain ash and these along with the gold, green and crimson leaves helps enliven the desolate landscape.

Now is a good time to sow the wild flower seeds which will benefit the bees and butterflies next year when the seasons change. Why not check out the Gardener's Delight Box, where you will find easy to sow seed balls or spend time indoors using the useful paper pot maker. Now is also a great time to relax and soak in a bath infused with either lavender salts from the Tranquility Box, Secret Salt Society Salts from the Cosy Gift Box or bath melts from The Treatbox.

Take small pleasures where you can and who knows, towards the end of the month on a rare sunny day, if you are lucky, you will hear the skylark break out in it's sweet song to prevent us from forgetting that summer will come again......

Happy Gardening!


Listen to the skylark in November, which can be found on moorland in the UK

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