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Making a Christmas Wreath with love...........

The Never-Ending Circle of Life

It’s no coincidence that wreaths are circular. Many people believe wreaths represent the never-ending circle of life and Jesus’ eternity. And because evergreen which is used can survive throughout all four seasons, it also symbolizes eternal life.

What better way to decorate your table or hang from your door, a homemade wreath.

This is something which can involve anyone of any age and is a great way to to come together and experience people's different designs and decorations. And it does not need to cost a fortune. Everything I have used is free apart from the oranges and florist wire, but you can use thread, odd bits of wire or wool and berries from the garden

What you will need:

For my wreath I have cut some thin willow branches from my weeping willow tree and used leaves from holly and conifer bushes and other evergreen, as well as ivy.

For the decorations I have used oranges but you can use a host of different materials to make it your own.

Stage 1

Start by cutting slices of oranges and putting them on a rack. Put them in the oven and bake at 100 -120 degrees celsius for 3 hours until they are dry.

Stage 2

Entwine the willow twigs into a circle as in picture.

Willow is extremely pliable and can bend without snapping. Use the thinner pieces of soft twigs to tie in the larger bunched branches then use florist wire to wrap around to keep them secure.

Stage 3

Tie on bunches of conifer, holly and greenery

making sure to overlap stalks with foliage as you go.

You can use thin gardener's/florist wire as shown in the picture.

Stage 4

Sew the florist wire through the dried orange slices and tie onto wreath.

All sorts of berries, fruit, fir cones etc can be added to your wreath to decorate to your own taste.

Unique Places to Hang a Wreath

The most common place to find a wreath hanging is on the front door owing to its religious significance, but it is by no means the only place. This winter, why not hang a wreath inside to give it a personal significance.

Places you could hang your wreath are:

1. Above the fireplace

2. On a mirror

3. In the window

4. On the table

Happy Wreathing!


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