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Make Garden Cook Subscription Box - July - What's in the box?.......

Welcome to WithlovefromtheUK monthly subscription box blog.

Every month I will use and discuss the items in your box. Hopefully I will have successes but I will also post my failures. You're welcome to join in and comment, perhaps you can advise me where I went wrong! Here goes..............

Just a quick update on my previous post

We've had some welcomed rain over the last month. It saves on having to keep watering and helps fill up the water butts.

The runner beans I planted last month are climbing the canes well and are starting to flower. The cosmos, although small is now planted and will soon catch up with it's earlier counterparts.

I have picked the last of the peas, saving some of the pods to dry out to use the seeds next year. I could sow some more this year but as space is limited at the moment, I shall just be grateful for the peas I have had and how delicious they were too! There are flowers on the tomatoes. I have not pinched out the side shoots this year as I thought I would see how the plants would fare as bushes. I will soon have to place a net over the sprout plants as I am seeing more Cabbage White butterflies in the garden and they just love to lay their eggs on Brassicas. Normally, I would leave a couple of plants free of net for that reason, but I do not have enough spare plants this year.

I have planted out the Antirrhinums from the May box as well as the Cosmos and they are doing well but I don't expect to see them flowering until August/September.

The dwarf beans have some pretty yellow and white flowers on them and these will soon turn into beans.

Still no luck with the purple sprouting, I will give up on this for this year.

The courgettes are growing well and the leaves are getting bigger.

The blackbird chicks have flown the nest, which I am pleased about. If they had gone on any longer I don't think there would have been any newts left in the pond for them to eat! I have seen about a dozen small newts swimming together so I guess they have all hatched and will replace their parents. There have been a lot of different butterflies this year So far I have seen Red Admirals, Peacocks, Brimstone (earlier in the year) Orange Tips, Common Blues, Painted Ladies, Tortoiseshell, Cabbage White, large and small, Meadow Browns, Ringlets. All of these were very common in my youth. What I was delighted to see this year was my first ever Marbled White. I was so exited. Last year was the first time I had ever seen a Clouded Yellow which I spotted on the coast. My aim is to find a Swallowtail which can be found on the South Coast. As a child I used to catch Butterflies in a net, pinch them then pin them to a piece of wood with a groove carved out. I would very carefully spread the butterflies wings and fasten them with strips of paper to keep them flat until they dried. For many years I kept these butterflies in frames. Not something I would endorse doing today.

I am still being surprised at what is coming up in the garden. These Hollyhocks have been

blooming since the end of June. They are lovely delicate pastel shades in various pinks/apricots which contrast well with the dark crimson and cream dahlias

So, what's in the box this month................

Tree Peony


Rainbow Beetroot


Cane Caps

Montezuma 100% Dark Chocolate

Coir discs

Wooden labels

Information Sheet and Calendar

It is going to be quite a challenge to grow a tree peony and if I only succeed in growing just one out of the five seeds supplied I feel I will have been blessed. I have followed the instructions to a tee as I cannot afford to be cavalier in my methods this time. Fortunately as I will be away for a couple of weeks on holiday, the time to wait for the next stage will soon go. It is just a waiting game for the first five weeks and I shall need to be patient.

I am going to sow my chive seed for indoor use and repeat sow later in the season. I love chives as a substitute for onions. It is ideal to use in a low FODMAP diet which is good for irritable bowels and other gastrointestinal disorders.

I will sow the beetroot seeds in planters this year, but I won't do this until I come back as I think they may dry out if I am not around to water them.

It is going to be quite challenging to make sure that my plants are kept moist whilst I am away, so it is great to find the drippers in this month's box. I have tried these out in the tomato plant tubs to see how long they will last and so far they have lasted three days. At least my neighbour will not have to visit daily to water and I think it will rain before we get back, so fingers crossed. The cane caps are always handy, especially with the shorter canes I use for the tomatoes. I am always fearful that one of the children will forget they are there. We don't want any nasty accidents!

I love Montezuma chocolate and especially the 100% dark chocolate. It is so rich in taste that one square can last for ages, leaving a chocolate taste in your mouth for a long time. I also find that using this chocolate in baking good as well and I grate it over trifles and cakes.

Also included in this box are some coir discs which are an ecological way to start your seeds, just soak in warm water and sow your seeds and pop in the ground when the seedlings are large enough. Also wooden plant markers are included for your use.

What to do in the garden this month:

  1. Cut back bushes that have flowered to keep borders tidy.

  2. Take cuttings of tender plants for overwintering

  3. Prune wisteria by removing side shoots to about five leaves from base.

  4. Divide clumps of bearded Irises

Happy Gardening!

MakeGardenCook @ withlovefromtheUK

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